THE TIME IS NOW TO COME AND HANG OUT WITH YOUR FAVORITE HOMIES, EAT SNACKS, AND WATCH A FANTASTIC MOVIE. Come to the Campus Center third floor, room 324b, at 7pm tomorrow. (You can’t miss it its all the way down the hall. Past Celia and Spencer’s offices. See and now I gave you directions and you have no excuse.) On an related but unrelated note… Submissions close FEB 15TH!!!!!!!!!! We want to see your works of amazing art. SUBMIT! SUBMIT! SUBMIT! From the loving staff at Spires: See you tomorrow!

On Tuesday, October 30th, in Murdock 218, Spires invites you to be inspired by the great beat writer Allen Ginsberg with a showing of the movie Howl.


This movie is based on the poem Howl and is one of the great contemporary works of our time. No dull moments in Ginsberg’s creation for if some of you may not know this poem sparked a trial in which literature and censorship was challenged. This is the story of the poem and its shocking affects on 1955 America.

See how it unfolds!

See the trailer here:

Get Inspired!!

Also did I mention James Franco is playing Allen Ginsberg.


Yes that time of year has come upon us! As we take in all the beauty of the Berkshires we at spires encourage you to go out in this world and write, rewrite, edit, paint, photograph, mix all the media and more for this coming years Spires magazine.

Along the way you, my dear have a great deal of magical things in store! First being a Spires Featured Poets night which will be taking place on November 29th at 7pm in Sullivan Lounge.

Some of the magic makers will be:

Christopher Tate (MCLA)

Jessica Sweeney(MCLA Alumni)
Chris Gonzalez (Northampton Poet)
Melinda Dow (MCLA Alumni/MCLA Professor)


For more information stay connected on Facebook ( )


Keep the juices flowing and stay tuned!


Another year begins here at Good Old MCLA, and with it, the beginnings of a new edition of Spires! We desperately need new members this year, so anyone who is interested can email me at, or simply sign up at this years club fair on Sept. 20th.

I’ll start off this slew of posts with a poem from a previous edition of Spires:


Rosy Retrospection

When I was young, before we moved into

the new house, I would watch my father let

his fresh tomatoes soak in water so

they’d peel for sauce. And as they sat, we’d sit

and always, every time, we’d listen to

acoustics of a scarcely know duet;

and even though tomatoes soak so slow,

they always shine a perfect red when wet.

I don’t remember sometimes being bored

and twisting restless, anxious in my seat.

I don’t remember that sometimes I used

to hear a straining unmelodic chord

or foundforgotten, hidden and discrete

amongst the perfect red a soft, brown bruise.

Christopher Bonasia, Spires 2009




MCLA’s Spires 2012 is currently on the MCLA campus. They are distributed throughout the academic buildings and the campus center. Pick one up to see what MCLA can do.

The idea of you climbs the latticed
threads of my heart like a trumpet vine.
It grows (latching, deeper) up my spine,
and fingers through the cauliflowered membranes
of my attention centers.
It’s weaving tenders my broken thoughts,
connecting with a common vein.
It reaches down again; (spirals an optic chord to sinus
cavity and tickled throat, encircles molars to tendril
taste buds) and now my lips are parting
to bloom reddish flowers off my tangled tongue.

– Alexandra Woolner, Spires 2007

Join the MCLA community as we celebrate the great creative work on our campus.

When: Tuesday May 8th

Time: 7 pm

Where: Murdock 218

Bring work to read or come listen to the work of students. All are welcome. Refreshments will be provided, as well, if all goes according to plan, copies of Spires 2012 hot off the press.